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Elina Ranta


Elina Ranta heads up BSAG’s fundraising. Her goal is to make sure that BSAG’s work is recognised, and that people find it as easy and rewarding as possible to support the foundation.

Elina is a top-class communicator and an idea-rich creative who is also able to keep everything under control and within budget. The magic moment for this “emotional powerhouse” is when her work makes her cry or laugh – that’s when she knows that it has the potential to move others in the same way.

“Time and time again, I’m impressed by how strongly people want to help and do good deeds. And our only sea is indeed both worthy of help and in need of it. My job is to bring together this desire to help and the Baltic Sea in the best possible way. And when they meet, oh yes! That’s when you get to find new ways to say thank you.”

Elina is originally a biologist. When she was a student, she realised that you can save the world without field experiments or laboratories, that is, by telling people about important things in interesting ways. She will soon have racked up a couple of decades of experience in fundraising, communications, marketing and event organisation, mainly for NGOs.

In her spare time, Elina is excited about making all kinds of savings – from darning woolly socks to investing in stocks and shares. She also gets carried away by stories, and especially those in song format. 


2020– Baltic Sea Action Group, Fundraising Manager 

2019–2020 Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Fundraising Coordinator 

2013–2019 The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland, Project Manager for the “Pieni ele” campaign 

2007–2013 Association of Finnish Travel Agents, Communications and Training Coordinator

2000–2003 Freelance journalist, radio and print