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Elisa Vainio


Elisa works as Project Manager in the FIN SOIL ACTION project, and her core responsibility relates to regenerative farming and international collaboration on soils.

The aims of the project are to strengthen the impact and visibility of Finnish soil know-how, to enhance the networking of experts in the field nationally and internationally, and to increase co-operation with key international networks.

“Soil is an extremely important and substantial factor related to water bodies, biodiversity, food production, and climate crisis. A major part of human activities takes place on land, which means that the condition of soil is not at all trivial, and moreover that most of our activities have great impacts on the soils. The ecosystems underneath the soil surface can be easily forgotten, though.”

Previously Elisa has worked as a scientist in the Institute of Atmospheric and Earth System Research of the University of Helsinki. She defended her Ph.D. from the Environmental Sciences 2019 and the topic of her thesis was the emissions and uptake of methane in a boreal pine forest. Alongside her research, Elisa was a coordinator of ICOS-Finland. ICOS is a European Research Infrastructure for quantifying and understanding greenhouse gas emissions and sinks.

Elisa’s background in research provides her with a diverse understanding of carbon cycling in different ecosystems. Also, her MSc in environmental science gives her a useful background on understanding multiple aspects and seeing the big picture. Elisa already has a strong network in research. She understands the academic world and nature and believes she can explain it further.

Elisa is an extrovert and optimistic person. Outside job her activities include outdoor activities and continuous wondering of nature. She bikes a lot, and since started birdwatching, she carries binoculars everywhere.


Elisa Vainio

Project Manager, Regenerative Agriculture, International Soil Collaboration

+358 40 506 4620