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Emma Wickman


Emma Wickman is a versatile environmental communicator who focuses on regenerative agriculture in her work at BSAG.

Emma engages in a broad range of communications: from the grassroots level all the way up to international cooperation. 

Her motivation for environmental action stems from her own experiences.

“Most of my childhood memories are in some way associated with coastlines, archipelagos or forests. It was obvious to me that I wanted to work on behalf of the environment when I grew up.” 

Emma is also driven by a desire to learn new things constantly and to work with a broad variety of stakeholders. 

“I appreciate BSAG’s way of solving environmental crises by tackling their root causes in extensive cooperation with various operators. It makes environmental action not only effective but also extremely interesting and educational.”

Emma has a master’s degree in political sciences and has previously worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and the European Commission. Having a broad perspective on society feels natural to her.

“I’m interested in how the systemic transition towards regenerative farming is taking place at various levels of society and in the interaction between various parties. The economic and political interests, the psychological, social and communication aspects, and the various levels and practices of policymaking that are involved in creating change – and also in opposing it – form an endlessly fascinating whole.”

In her free time, Emma practises yoga, reads, conjures up delicacies in the kitchen, and spends time with her loved ones.


Emma Wickman

Communications Specialist

+358 40 530 9535