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Jenni Jääskeläinen


Jenni Jääskeläinen is a project manager in BSAG’s regenerative agriculture team.

Jenni is involved in the planning, implementing, and managing of Carbon Action projects. She is managing a project aimed at developing the management system for regenerative farming. She is also coordinating the measurement instruments, field scanning and soil analysis in HITTI project.

“I’m delighted to have been involved in Carbon Action almost from the outset, as it has enabled me to develop my expertise in many areas. And I’m particularly glad that my work helps to promote sustainable soil management.”

Jenni has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Forestry, majoring in Environmental Soil Science. Understanding soil and its functions is also an integral part of Jenni’s work at BSAG.

“I’m particularly fascinated by the interactions between different factors in the soil. When it comes to all of the parts working together to form a perfectly functioning whole, the soil is the best example I know of.”

In her free time, Jenni enjoys long-distance running and is currently training for her first marathon. In the summer, Jenni likes to go boating with her family in the eastern Gulf of Finland.


Jenni Jääskeläinen

Project Manager, Regenerative Agriculture

+358 40 099 5190