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Pieta Jarva


Pieta Jarva is the Strategy Director of Baltic Sea Action Group, and she leads the foundation together with Managing Director Laura Höijer.

As an incurable enthusiast, Pieta feels at home in BSAG. The atmosphere of the foundation encourages testing new solutions and it is driven by cooperation and shared goals. Pieta’s strength is to view matters comprehensively while being able to pinpoint what is essential. 

“I’m not afraid of a little chaos or complexity. Too much simplification is frustrating to me. Nevertheless, or perhaps that is the reason, I am immensely delighted when a complex matter is sharply and elegantly presented, without reducing its essence.”

Pieta has worked for BSAG since 2009 in various positions and has led the foundation’s communications team from 2016 until the beginning of 2022. Communication plays a crucial part in the work of BSAG, which is why Pieta has already been involved in the foundation’s strategic planning for many years. Among other things, she has taken part in organizing the 2010 Baltic Sea Summit, where the Baltic Sea states and more than 150 companies and organizations made Baltic Sea commitments. She has also contributed to the development of the Carbon Action Platform for regenerative agriculture and helped spread knowledge on climate-critical solutions such as carbon and nutrient recycling.

“I’m interested in the stories we tell ourselves and each other because they guide what we think is possible. Each one of us is involved in maintaining and building our shared narratives, we all have the power to change them. It will change our actions, and ultimately our structures and our environment.” 

Pieta loves our home planet and rejoices in the fact that her job contributes to preserving life on it for us humans and other species. Pieta also admires the human imagination and its ability to produce novel ideas. In her free time, Pieta enjoys reading, sauna, hiking, and conversations.


2022– Baltic Sea Action Group, Strategy Director

2018–2022 Baltic Sea Action Group, Communications Director

2016–2018 Baltic Sea Action Group, Communications Manager

2010–2016 Baltic Sea Action Group, Press Officer

2009–2010 Baltic Sea Action Group, Communications Assistant

2006 Faces Festival, Information Assistant

2006 Prime Minister’s Office, Media Assistant

2005 Prime Minister’s Office, Media Assistant

2004 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Communications Trainee

2000–2008 Gasthaus Omapohja, Receptionist

2001–2002 Otava Publishing Company, Assistant Graphic Designer

2000–2003 Satakunnan kansa newspaper, author of a series of travel articles


Digital Facilitation Training, Mukamas, 2021

Sitra Lab 2: Solutions from Nature – training program, 2020–2021

Master of Political Science, University of Helsinki, 2019

Sharepoint User and Sharepoint Administrator Training, 2014 – 2015


Pieta Jarva

Strategy Director

+358 50 338 1096