Lucrativos’s Commitment aims at supporting research and actions to decrease eutrophication.

News / 12.06.2018

Lucrativo Sustainable Solutions offers CSR, environmental and sustainable design services to businesses. The company’s aim is to act in global co-operation with relevant organisations for optimal implementation of sustainable business solutions, and to support the development of a responsible society. Lucrativo has a multidisciplinary team of legal, environmental, design and communication professionals.

Lucrativo Sustainable Solutions


The Commitment support for BSAG is built on the following cornerstones:

  • co-operation in circular economy actions by events and by Lucrativo digital platform development (applicable to some extent to fertilisers and circular economy in agriculture)
  • co-operation with Lucrativo’s legal services to advance Baltic Sea related issues in the EU-institutions, connecting relevant influencers and acting for a living Baltic Sea

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