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Towards a regenerative food system: what is happening in businesses now and in the future?

Event Carbon Action Regenerative Agriculture

At Towards a regenerative food system: what companies are doing now and in the future? -Webinar we will hear what is happening in food companies regarding regenerative farming, both internationally and in Finland. The event will also see the launch of a free online course Crash course in regenerative farming, produced by BSAG.


Streamed event


Tuesday 16.4.2024
At 10.00 – 11.40

More information

More information: the event will be hosted by SEB Bank. The event is organised by BSAG. For more information, please contact

Registration for the webinar is open until 12.4.2024.



Opening of the event

CEO, Ville Wahlberg, BSAG


Keynote speech

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform


Regenerative farming as part of companies’ international strategy

Emma Kari, host of the event, interviews Nina Hannola, Communications Manager, Nestlé Finland, Hanna Palomäki, Environmental Coordinator, Sinebrychoff and Lumi Parviainen, Sustainability Manager, Hankkija.


Researched knowledge in the establishment of regenerative agriculture

Elisa Vainio, Research Coordinator, Finnish Meteorological Institute.


Procurement and branding of regeneratively grown barley with Anora – Crash course as a tool

Petra Gräsbeck, Director of Communications and Sustainability, Anora.


Panel: regenerative farming and sustainability

The panel will be moderated by corporate responsibility expert Sirpa Juutinen. In the discussion will be Tuuli Hakala, Development Manager, Valio, Tero Hirvi, Director, Grain logistics and purchasing, Fazer, Teija Paavola, Sustainability Manager, Atria and Auli Väänänen, Specialist, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


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