Third Commitment by UPM: using recycled nutrients at biological waste water treatment plants

News / 13.03.2016

Finnish Biofore company UPM has made its third Commitment for BSAG. Two earlier Commitments were started in 2010 and 2013 and are already completed.

UPM integrates bio and forest industries and operates in the core of circular economy. For BSAG, UPM has committed to use recycled nutrients at biological waste water treatment plants by 2030. The global perspective is strong in this Commitment, UPM has 21 production plants in 13 countries.

Currently, most of the nutrients used in waste water treatment plants are purchased as ready-made trade names. UPM aims to find recycled nutrients from local sources, thus reducing local eutrophication in the best case and in any case promoting circular economy.

UPM’s Commitment makes BSAG’s goal about circular economy one step closer.

More information about UPM Commitments can be found from BSAG commitment bank:



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