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Enhanced use of AIS for safer navigation

Organisation: VTT Technical Research centre of Finland

Time: 5/11/2009 – 11/11/2010



Implementation of prototype demonstrating the use of AIS messages defined by XML scheme technology. Amount of work equivalent to 150.000€.

Scheme design in collaboration with experts from FMA and IBM Finland
Production of the required scheme for AIS Category 8 binary messages and presentation material to be presented in London at the IMO meeting, end July 2009

The objective is to provide the technical solution for making Category 8 messages easier to utilize for all ships having an AIS transponder

When ships can receive cat 8 messages automatically, the distraction of the mariners on the bridge decreases significantly.

Ships will be able to plan their routes according to accurate information and they can respond responsibly to unexpected situations.

The new Cat 8 standard to be presented to IMO is expected to lead to global acceptance and spread of the standard to all ships.

The project will lead to permanently safer navigation on a global perspective.