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Making environmental monitoring commonplace

Organisation: Ekonia Oy

Time: 2/11/2016 – 2/6/2019



Ekonia Oy is importing high end instruments for groundwater and surface water quality measuring. In addition to water quality instruments our selection includes equipment to analyze foodstuff, soil and powders.

Ekonia Oy has committed to advance the condition of the Baltic Sea through measurement equipment solutions. The goal is to increase the amount of collected data and to advance the usage of measurement data in Baltic Sea related actions. These actions include minimizing the nutrient load and improving the water quality of the Baltic Sea. In addition, we are striving to change attitudes towards measuring in overall and especially in agriculture. Our aim is to make soil measurement easy, daily and reasonably prized.

To advance the previous goals Ekonia Oy is donating three Horiba LAQUAtwin measuring devices for educational use. These devices are suitable for soil- and water measuring and will be used for measure nitrate and potassium levels from soil-, water- and plant samples. With this light, cost efficient and easy to use equipment it is possible to quickly measure even large amounts of samples with different composition. In addition to previous Ekonia Oy will participate to development of online measuring solutions suitable for sea conditions.