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Vår lilla Östersjö

Organisation: Daghemmet Björnens föräldraförening rf

Time: 1/10/2011 – 7/10/2011



To teach the children at Daghemmet Björnen, in Kirkkonummi Långvik bay area about the Baltic Sea.

Raise the importance of protection of the Baltic Sea on a local level. Children as main actors in the program gives a fresh approach to the topic.

To work in co-operation with already established action groups for Baltic Sea.

Most of the children’s activities will be run by the nursery personnel during weekdays.

The children will make shorter trips to the neigbouring beaches and forests
– To explore the nature
– To see plants and animals in their natural habitat
– To take photographs that will be later exhibited
– To study water and to learn about the importance of clean sea water and household water
– To meet a local professional fisherman

The program will consist of a few trips
– Trip to the zoological museum in Helsinki
– Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki
– Porkkala Cost Guard station in Kirkkonummi
– “Graduation party” at Sea Life center in Helsinki

Objective of the Commitment:
To teach the children at Daghemmet Björnen, in Kirkkonummi Långvik area about the Baltic Sea:
– To learn to know the plants and animals of the Baltic Sea
– To understand why the ecosystem is so volatile
– To teach the children how to protect the Baltic Sea:
>> The environmental challenges
>> What big actions have been taken
>> What small actions each and every one can take

Impact on the Baltic Sea: permanent