A Commitment is an act or a process with a positive impact on the Baltic Sea. We analyse the problems and find relevant organisations to help fix them.

Commitment bank

BSAG started to gather Baltic Sea Commitments in the Baltic Sea Action Summit 2010. Now, almost 300 organisations have made Commitments to speed up the work for the Baltic Sea.

State commitments

We gathered together heads of states of the Baltic Sea in a high-level conference 2010 and 2013. All the Baltic Sea states have made a concrate Commitment to act for the Baltic Sea.

Commitment monitoring

BSAG communicates with the Commitment makers and analyses the progress of all active Commitments each year. All Commitments are public, so anyone can follow the progress of each Commitment.

Make or update your commitment

Use the core competence of your organization to benefit the Baltic Sea. ​Together we can make a difference. If want to update or make a Commitment, please contact your contact person from BSAG or office@bsag.fi. You may also make a Commitment by filling out the form: