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Anne Nordling


Anne Nordling is BSAG’s specialist in multilingual communications.

Her main duties include translating from Finnish to Swedish and other communications-related tasks.

“It’s great to be part of an organisation doing multifaceted work to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea and mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. Working with BSAG’s communications is also rewarding, as I gain a thorough understanding of the interesting topics surrounding our projects.”

Languages have always been a great interest, which led her to study communications and Nordic languages. Anne worked as a translator and volunteered to help with communications and corporate collaboration for a climate campaign while studying.

“I strongly believe communication is important in bringing about change.”

Anne is originally from the Åland Islands and spent her childhood summers on the Archipelago Sea. She knows that she will return to the island someday, and her dreams for the future involve growing her food and keeping a few farm animals. She currently spends her free time on outdoor pursuits, music, and books.