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Corporate Donation, Baltic Sea Commitment, Ship Waste Action

With its Baltic Sea Commitment, Kymen Vesi is participating in BSAG’s Ship Waste Action by analysing wastewater from cargo ships. There are approximately 2,000 cargo ships sailing in the Baltic Sea at any given moment, with an estimated 25,000 employees on board. Cargo vessels are still legally allowed to discharge their domestic wastewater and sewage into the Baltic Sea.  

Kymen veden työtekijä ottamassa vesinäytteitä sillalla

Obtaining important data from wastewater 

Kymen Vesi collects samples, analyses the results and reports on the properties of wastewater from cargo ships visiting the Port of HaminaKotka. To what extent does wastewater from ships cause eutrophication in the Baltic Sea? How effectively do ships treat their wastewater? How do the properties of wastewater affect its potential utilisation? Kymen Vesi is helping us to find answers to these questions, and thereby data that can be used to identity opportunities for utilising cargo ship wastewater. 

Wastewater as feedstock for biogas 

Kymen Vesi purifies cargo ship wastewater at its own plant. The sewage sludge generated by this process is then turned into renewable energy at a biogas plant. Kymen Vesi also plays an important role when a luxury cruise ship arrives in port. Large passenger vessels may be carrying an exceptionally large volume of wastewater, and the port needs trusted partners to receive and process it. 

Kymen Vesi’s collaboration with BSAG began in 2021 and includes a significant donation to the foundation’s Baltic Sea action. 

Environmental responsibility is an important value for our company, and we’re continually seeking new ways to take concrete environmental action in our own operations. Ship Waste Action is the kind of project that enables us to get involved in important environmental action as an outsider. We feel that indirect influencing is also in line with our strategic objectives, which are aiming to make the Baltic Sea cleaner for us all.

Emmi-Maria Ukko, Production Manager, Kymen Vesi

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