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Altia commits to promote sustainable agriculture and develop its water use

Altia has made a Baltic Sea Commitment to enhance sustainable agriculture in the production of its well-known grain spirit brands, such as Koskenkorva. Key ingredients used in Altia’s spirit beverage production are Finnish barley and pure groundwater.
Altia’s barley grain is purchased from contract farmers who cultivate some 50 000 hectares of Finland’s  2,2 million hectares of agricultural land. Altia encourages its contract farmers to move towards more sustainable and efficient agriculture. At the same time Altia enhances more efficient use of water in its own production processes.
Altia develops its production to be more sustainable by organizing events where farmers are provided information about best practices in sustainable agriculture. Altia also encourages farmers in the usage of all available tools for minimizing nutrient emissions – such as tools for calculating and maintaining a correct nutrient balance in their arable lands.  During autumn 2015, Altia starts to inform farmers about the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in their deliveries.
Altia also commits to reduce its water use and improve wastewater quality by developing its production planning, continuing to measure its use of water and the quality of its wastewater. These acts will improve production efficiency and sustainability in Altia’s supply chain, at the same time ensuring that valuable raw materials will not be wasted.​

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