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An entrance ticket for the Baltic Sea – BSAG brings ticket machines to coastal cities


Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is offering a new way to help protect the Baltic Sea. Baltic Sea ticket machines will be touring Finnish coastal cities during the summer. By purchasing a ticket, you can help the Baltic Sea provide experiences for decades to come.

We are used to buying tickets for swimming pools, ferries, and buses. The revenue from ticket sales is used to maintain common infrastructure. Starting in June, friends of the Baltic Sea can buy voluntary single or season tickets for the Baltic Sea from BSAG’s vending machines, which will be found on popular beaches in Finland’s largest coastal cities.

“For many of us, the sea is the most important element of the summer season at cottages and beaches, and in marinas and the archipelago. People want to take care of our sea. These tickets offer an easy and fun way to do this while enjoying the sea,” says Saara Piispanen, BSAG’s Communications Director.

BSAG’s three ticket machines will tour Finland’s coastal cities during the summer. The tour starts at Hietaniemi Beach, and the ticket machines will be there from 30 May to 2 June. After that tickets can be bought in Vallisaari in Helsinki until the end of August, Hanko from 7 to 25 July, Turku from 10 to 12 July, and Yyteri in Pori from 13 to 14 July. The ticket machine will also be at the Radio Nova Festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki, from 16 to 17 June.

The condition of the Baltic Sea collapses in the summer

All Finns have a relationship to the Baltic Sea in some way. Our only sea provides all kinds of enjoyment, especially in the summer, and has a direct impact on people’s well-being. The Baltic Sea is a shallow sea with slow water exchange. It is also one of the most polluted seas in the world. The Baltic Sea is currently under the most stress from nutrients that end up in its waters, the loss of marine biodiversity, and climate change – all of which are further exacerbating the eutrophication of this sensitive sea. The effects can be seen especially during summertime, as murky waters, and algae growth, which has led to bans on swimming at public beaches.

BSAG cooperates with an extensive network of researchers and partners and is constantly looking for even more effective ways of achieving lasting change for the Baltic Sea. “We’re aiming for permanent changes to protect valuable marine nature and maintain biodiversity. We’re reducing wastewater discharge from maritime transport and promoting regenerative farming, which will enable a more environmentally friendly food production,” says Piispanen.

You can buy virtual tickets from BSAG’s webstore at itämerikesä or donate with MobilePay using the number 32111.


Saara Piispanen

Communications Director

+358 40 680 5841

Elina Ranta

Fundraising Manager

+358 40 719 9719

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