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Apetit’s Räpi experimental farm joins Carbon Action

Apetit’s Räpi experimental farm, located in the Satakunta region, is joining the Carbon Action project along with more than a hundred other Finnish farms. Carbon Action promotes a wider adoption of climate-friendly farming practices, helps farmers implement farming practices that sequester carbon and improve soil fertility, and conducts scientific research to verify soil carbon storage.

It is a joint project by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) and it combines top-level research with work in the field by farmers. Apetit is offering the use of the Räpi experimental farm for the project for a period of five years to promote research, development and practices associated with carbon farming.

“For many years, Apetit has been developing farming methods in the Apetit Responsible Farming project and as a result, the Räpi farm offers excellent conditions for studying such methods. Carbon Action is an important project regarding its social and environmental impact and it is a privilege to be involved in creating research data on sustainable farming,” says Tarja Honkala, Director for products and R&D at Apetit.

Every farm participating in the Carbon Action project has selected one or more measures that they will use on their own experimental section that suit their farming activities and promote the sequestration of carbon. The impact of these measures will be studied in the project to assess their impact on farming, the fertility of the soil and the sequestration of carbon.

Apetit has made a Baltic Sea commitment for 2019-2025

Apetit has made a Baltic Sea commitment for BSAG for the period 2019-2025. The core purpose of Apetit’s commitment is to generate data that can be used in contract farming especially in improving soil fertility and related to carbon sequestration. The objective is to promote, through Apetit’s contract farmers, a sustainable food chain and to commercialise carbon farming methods that help sequester carbon.

“The commitment has two parts: we will include the best farming practices proven by the carbon pilot in our contract farmers’ farming guidelines and provide training to all of our contract farmers on farming methods that improve soil fertility and carbon sequestration. We will also include the Räpi experimental farm in the research project to promote measures that advance carbon farming,” Honkala says.

Under the commitment, Apetit will also join the company network of the Carbon Action platform which enables the various parties in the food chain to collaborate and to develop their own operations with regard to carbon farming.

“We’d like to warmly welcome Apetit to the Carbon Action project. Thanks to Apetit’s Baltic Sea commitment we will gain valuable data for research and promote Carbon Action’s goal of a more sustainable food chain. By improving the fertility of the soil we are creating carbon sinks and reducing nutrient emissions into waterways. We are thus helping the Baltic Sea in two ways by curbing climate change and reducing eutrophication-causing emissions,” says Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, Director, Corporate Relations at Baltic Sea Action Group.

“By bringing companies together under Carbon Action we enable them to exchange knowhow and to innovate new ideas to enhance the effectiveness of the project. Cooperation is the only way to solve the worst problems of our time,” Ramm-Schmidt says.

For further information, please contact:

Sanna Väisänen, Communications, Marketing and Investor Relations
Tel. +358 10 402 4041

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, Director, Corporate Relations
Tel. +358 40 525 0509

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