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Baltic Sea is the star of the new TV series

​A fair share of the Baltic Sea commitments made for the BSAG focus on the awareness raising. The knowledge about the critical state of the Baltic Sea and the solutions to improve it, are essential for direct action to take place.
The visibility of the Baltic Sea cause was well strengthened as MTV Media joined the commitment makers and published its’ commitment today. MTV 3 will show this summer TV series about the Baltic Sea and the work done to help it.
Pekka Karhuvaara , the CEO of the MTV Media stated in the Commitment publishing info that MTV Media helps the Baltic Sea here with what it does best: offering high-quality content for TV-viewers and raising awareness about the Baltic Sea issues.
In the event spoke also Harri Kerminen, the CEO of Kemira and Martti Kohtanen, the CEO of Siemens. Both companies have already made two commitments to help the Sea and their Baltic Sea work is among others also shown in the new TV series. The TV-series is made by Matila Röhr Nordisk, also a commitment maker.
“The fact that we have here a gathering of companies from different fields is a good example that everyone can help the Baltic Sea. And sometimes the unexpected combinations bring about new innovations” says Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen, Development Director and a co-founder of BSAG.​

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