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“Brain training” on nutrient cycling

​From 2013 onwards Baltic Sea Action Group focuses on viewing the complex problems of the Baltic Sea from the perspective of nutrient cycling. A fair amount of new Commitments under discussion are focused on minimizing nutrient leakage into the Baltic Sea and on enhancing of safe recy​cling of nutrients, i.e. phosphorus and nitrogen.
As most of the key problems facing the Baltic Sea are associated with inadequate management of nutrients and fertilizers, particularly the flow of phosphorus and nitrogen through environment and communities,  BSAG has gained a lot of knowledge in the theme already through its current activities.
However, to understand both the intricate flow of nutrients in natural and human-built systems,and  the close-ups on specific nutrient leakage points, the BSAG staff has arranged internal “Brain training sessions” on these complext hemes.
The idea was to first analyze our own knowledge and skills in the field, and to identify knowledge gaps. Then external experts and expert organizations were identified as sources of deeper understanding.
Analyzed themes have icluded current issues in Finnish legistlation regarding the nutrient recycling,  outcomes of BSAG’s Järki project on sensible agriculture practices. Regarding agriculture, important issues have been analyses of bottlenecks preventing nutrient recycling and the usage of manure as fertilizer. Essential knowledge in soil chemistry was provided by Prof. Helinä Hartikainen, Professor of Soil and Environmental Chemistry,University of Helsinki.
Our learning continues and BSAG wishes to both learn from, and work with existing and new Commitment makers to minimize the nutrient flows ending up in the Baltic Sea.​​
brain training
BSAG views the complex problems of the Baltic Sea from the perspective of nutrient cycling. Autumn 2013 we had a series of “brain training” sessions on the theme and bit by bit, we are getting wiser, and better at helping the Baltic Sea! Special thanks to Commitment makers, and co-operating partners and experts!​​

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