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Breakthrough for nutrient cycling business ecosystem

Breakthrough for nutrient cycling (RaKi)– ecosystem of business clusters is a symbiotic partnership network created to coordinate companies related to nutrient recycling and create joint effort towards sustainable and competitive business models in nutrient management. RaKi-ecosystem was started in spring 2016 and has proceeded fast during 2017.

There are various operating models for business ecosystems. BSAG has focused on networking of actors, active sharing of information, removal of business barriers, monitoring and promotion of relevant legislative environment, encouragement for piloting, demos and investments. Pushing ecosystem forward has required active work with the ecosystem operators. Working methods have included for example networking and thematic events, joint workshops and consultation.

Many ecosystem projects have advanced by leaps and bounds in 2017. New innovations and products have emerged for example in the form of waste water purification, fertilizer-, growing medium- and biochar productization and new local operating models.

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The Forthcoming spring is going be interesting for the RaKi-ecosystem. In March, the ecosystem will arrange a thematic day for composting and anaerobic digestion. The objective of the day is to find answers on how to best utilize biomasses from the point of view of nutrient recovery and reuse.

In addition, on April the RaKi-ecosystem will organize a site visit to Cooperl production faculties in Bretagne France. Cooperl is one of the largest pork producers in Europe with an annual production of more than 5 million porks. The purpose of the trip is to explore large scale pork production with emphasis on manure and nutrient utilization.

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