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BSAG becomes the Baltic Sea regional nutrient platform under the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

BSAG has been co-operating with European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) since it was formed in 2013 to ensure knowledge sharing and discussion on phosphorus management and to contribute to a long-term phosphorus vision for Europe. Now BSAG has signed for membership in ESPP and agreed to act as a Baltic Sea Region nutrient platform.

Members in ESPP cover a wide range of actors across the whole value chain of phosphorus stewardship and include companies, research institutions, NGO’s and governmental organizations. See the full list of members here. So far, ESPP has for example contributed to the EU regulatory activities such as EU Fertiliser Regulation, REACH and Organic Farming Regulation. ESPP has also arranged workshops, meetings and conferences to provide data and information sharing. A specific project to support nutrient data sharing DONUTSS (Data on Nutrients to Support Stewardship) was also launched in 2015.

The co-operation in advancing sustainable nutrient use between ESPP and BSAG deepens as the official membership was signed.

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