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BSAG brings news from Finnish fields to the UN climate change conference

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Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) brings Finnish expertise on soils and multi-benefit climate solutions to the global stage more intensely than ever before. BSAG has been invited to speak at events related to the UN’s climate change conference (COP26) and will thereby raise awareness of solutions and practices developed through Carbon Action work among the participants of the conference.

To reach the goals of the Paris Agreement we must remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in addition to cutting emissions. Regenerative farming which promotes the sequestration of carbon into the soils is a cost-effective and multi-benefit climate solution with great potential. It protects biodiversity and waters as well as improves soil health, productivity, and resilience. Regenerative farming both mitigates climate change and enables adapting to it.

In Finland, internationally interesting and impactful work is done to increase the ability of the soil to sequester carbon. Initiated by BSAG, the Carbon Action platform’s operating model, including top research, is unique and actors all around the world want to learn from it.

BSAG has been invited to speak at events both in Glasgow and Helsinki in connection to the COP26. Below you can see the COP26 events in which BSAG is participating or otherwise present. You can follow BSAG’s work and presentations in Helsinki, Glasgow, or via remote connection. Remember to also follow BSAG’s social media accounts – we will be reporting on the happenings and encounters in real-time.

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All the following are local times.

Friday 5.11.2021

Helsinki at 10:15-11.45

Nordic COP26 Hub: “UN climate talks brought to Helsinki – How can agriculture mitigate climate change?” is an event held by the Natural Resources Institute and BSAG. This event presents the ongoing trends in agriculture and food sectors, and a panel will discuss  future challenges, research needs, and solutions. Read more and register. Further information on the websites of the Nordic Council.

Saturday 6.11.2021

Glasgow at 13:30-16:15

BSAG has been heard in the preparation for the section of the Land Use Action Event concerning farming, and Carbon Action will be included in the Producers’ Showcase of Action presented in the Event. Further reading.

Wednesday 10.11.2021

Glasgow at 9:00 and 15:30

During  the 4 per 1000 initiative Day BSAG’s Content Director Laura Höijer will be presenting Carbon Action and other soil work done in Finland at the High Level segment beginning at 9:00. In the afternoon starting from 15:00, in the Meeting of the Consortium segment Project Manager Elisa Vainio will talk about the 4 per 1000 Northern Europe event held in Finland in 2023.

Glasgow at 11.15

Project Manager Elisa Vainio will present Carbon Action at the Nordic Council’s Nordic COP26 Hub. Carbon Action has been nominated for the Nordic Environmental Prize. The event will be streamed. Further reading.

Helsinki at 13:15

BSAG’s designer Eliisa Malin will speak and be available at the Nordic Council’s lunch event ”Can farmers be at the forefront of the green transition?” Read more and register.

BSAG does intensive cooperation with the global 4 per 1000 initiative launched in the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015, which promotes the carbon sequestration to agricultural soils. Finland signed the initiative among the first countries, and BSAG is also a member of the initiative. BSAG brings Finnish soil expertise to the world especially through the FIN SOIL ACTION project, which is a part of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Catch the Carbon research and innovation programme.

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