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BSAG’s new Managing Director

Baltic Sea Action Group’s board of directors has appointed Michaela Ramm-Schmidt as the foundation’s new managing director. Starting from 9 October 2019, we will be leading the foundation jointly as a complementary working pair.

Michaela has headed BSAG’s corporate relations since January 2019 and she has worked closely within the Carbon Action platform. She will continue with these tasks, but along with her new appointment, her work will expand to including, among others, also the foundation’s administration.

Michaela has a firm and versatile knowledge of leading, so we believe that she will succeed in her new job. Michaela is a Master of Laws and she is currently finalizing her Executive MBA-degree at the Henley Business School. She has been working with responsible business the past years. We will soon hear more about her thoughts in the form of a blog.

Thank you for your cooperation and let us keep up the good spirit in the future too!

With best Baltic Sea wishes,
Laura Höijer
Content Director
Baltic Sea Action Group

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