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Carbon Action Nominated for a Nordic Environmental Prize

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Carbon Action has been chosen as one of the eight nominees for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021. The winner will be announced on the 2nd of November. The theme of this year’s prize is sustainable food systems.

As for agriculture, this year the council of the Nordic countries emphasizes recirculated plant nutrition and environmentally friendly farming practices that take into account greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and good management of water resources.

“The nomination is an honor that belongs to every farmer, company, researcher, funder and other partner who take part in the Carbon Action work”, says the CEO of BSAG Michaela Ramm-Schmidt. I believe that regenerative farming will begin to present itself as a solution due to its comprehensive approach. The special qualities of every farm must be taken into consideration and the practices need to be adapted so that good harvest and environmental benefit will be pursued simultaneously”, Ramm-Schmidt continues.

In addition to Carbon Action lead by the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG), another nominee advocates for regenerative carbon farming as well: Svensk Kolinlagring from Sweden.

“It was exciting to see our collaboration partner from Sweden among the nominees as well”, states Ramm-Schmidt.

“This summer’s severe weather events around the world and the IPCC’s recently published report have underlined the need to retain a focus on the way we produce and consume food. So we are delighted with the eight projects that have been nominated for this year’s Environment Prize. Each in their own way, they show how a more sustainable food system can create positive changes for our environment and climate”, tells the chairman of the judging committee Lars Hindkjær.

This year is the 27th time the Nordic Council Environment Prize will be awarded; in November it will be awarded to an initiative which has made a special effort to secure a sustainable food system.

Read more about the Nordic Council Environment Prize from here.

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