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Change of command at BSAG maritime activities

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The ship sails on and the work continues. Elisa Mikkolainen moves to another position in shipping and hands over the maritime activities to Mia Hytti, a sustainability and environmental specialist.

Photo: Laura Mäkelä

“This truly is a dream job”, rejoices Mia Hytti, the new project manager in maritime activities. Hytti is a master mariner, and has a master’s degree in geography, too. After her sailing career, Hytti has gained work experience at a shipyard, a shipping company, and an NGO, as well as in circular economy.

“The Baltic Sea means the world to me: my work has always been connected to the Baltic Sea, and I also spend a great share of my free time by the sea. It is a source of relaxation for me. Protecting the marine environment is my life-long mission, and I am extremely glad to pursue that goal in an enthusiastic and dedicated team.”

Elisa Mikkolainen, the present project director, moves to a new position in shipping. Starting in mid-April she will lead the waterways department at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

“The change seems exciting and sad at the same time. The past three years at BSAG have been extremely productive. Our maritime activities have really kicked off. We have been able to change processes at sea and ashore. The amount of wastewater ending up in the Baltic Sea is smaller today than it was when we started our projects”, says Elisa Mikkolainen. “At BSAG I have been able to build extensive cooperation with a large number of stakeholders in shipping.”

BSAG:n uusi vastuullisen merenkulun projektipäällikkö Mia Hytti ja uusiin tehtäviin siirtyvä Elisa Mikkolainen.
The handover looms. Mia Hytti (left) and Elisa Mikkolainen (right).

Saara Kankaanrinta, the chair of the board of directors of BSAG, wishes Mia Hytti welcome to continue the maritime activities at BSAG. “Maritime matters are an important theme for us, and we are determined to continue our efficient activities. We see a lot of potential in shipping. We are open to new topics, although there remains a lot to do with wastewater, too. Mia Hytti provides BSAG with great expertise and valuable insight from ships’ and shipping companies’ point of view.”

“Elisa Mikkolainen has done an excellent job, and she has managed to bring the right parties to the same table to reduce the environmental burden of shipping. It will be easier to take over a job well done”, continues Saara Kankaanrinta.

“Although I feel sad to leave a wonderful team, I am very pleased that I will be succeeded by Mia Hytti. I can rest assured that the maritime activities at BSAG remain in good hands. Welcome to a great workplace”, says Elisa Mikkolainen.

Mia Hytti will start in her new position at the beginning of May.

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