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Cost-efficient detection of nutrient and pollutant sources promised in Langis Oy’s Commitment

Langis Oy, a technology company specialized in water quality measurement, has committed to develop new cost-effective sensors for analyzing oxygen, phosphorus and nitrogen from the water flowing to the Baltic Sea. The goal is to substantially lower online measure expenses and enable gathering of wider and more detailed measurement data.

“One of the disincentives for the ecological restoration of the Baltic Sea is the lack of online information of nutrient flows coming from different water bodies of the catchment” states Mathias Bergman, Secretary General at Baltic Sea Action Group.

“The demand for measuring the nutrients and other substances in the water is however high so that nutrient leakages can be minimized. Bergman continues: “Without information about the effects of the actions we are not able to do right decisions and select right actions. The bottle-neck is often the high-cost of the required online technology.”

Langis responds to the challenge by developing new kind of measurement devices and sensors which are, for example able to measure phosphorous content of the water in real time. By improving the measurement of nutrients and other substances, they can be controlled and eventually reduced in an efficient way. Langis produces and develops its products in Finland.

“By using innovative technologies, Langis could significantly improve environmental monitoring and gather a great amount of data for general use”, states CEO of Langis Erkki Räsänen and continues “We believe that the market for environment measurement technology will expand in the future.”

“Succeeding in this, Langis could bring about change on how we monitor runoffs and nutrient flows, and more importantly how we can respond to them immediately. Technological solutions could also make it possible to get relevant information even to a cellphone of a concerned citizen” Bergman says.

The Commitment is 3-years-long and starts immediately in September.

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