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DROPP donates 6841 euros to BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea

DROPP Water donated 10 000 euros of their 2018 sales to the Baltic Sea. 5000 euros were donated to BSAG and 5000 euros to the University of Helsinki’s MONICOAST -research project. BSAG also received additional donations from Partioaitta-store (1181 euros) and Ruohonjuuri-store (660 euros) for the sales of 427 SIGG x DROPP reusable water bottles.

DROPP’s collaboration with BSAG has continued for five years. DROPP offers a sustainable option for soft drinks and other mineral waters. Profits are donated to help the Baltic Sea.

”In 2019 BSAG will continue working with sustainable agriculture and nutrient cycling, fighting against climate change, and strive for a healthier Baltic Sea and stronger biodiversity. DROPP’s donation contributes to this work”, says BSAG’s Managing Director Johan Schmidt.

”We at DROPP are happy to be able to support the work of BSAG and the MONICOAST-project. This year our selection includes both still and sparkling DROPP mineral water. We are also aimig to create solutions that enable us to offer refreshing beverages in an even more sustainable way”, says Heidi Nielsen, DROPP’s Commercial Manager.

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