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Ekonia Ltd’s Baltic Sea Commitment successfully completed

The core of Ekonia Ltd’s Commitment was to make measuring more common in the context of waterbodies and agriculture, and to test handheld nutrient measuring devices in agriculture. The Commitment was published in early 2016, after which the agricultural measurement practices in particular have taken great steps forward. Ekonia has brought relevant expertise and information to BSAG’s attention. The company has actively participated in BSAG’s and other stakeholders’ events related to agriculture and waterbodies measurement, thus highlighting the importance of measuring.

As part of the Commitment, Ekonia donated Horiba LAQUAtwin measuring devices for the use of the K-maatalous Experimental Farm. The devices were used to research the potassium and nitrate concentration of plants and soil. The results were promising especially in terms of nitrate concentrations, and the measuring device could well be used as a farm level tool. Due to the short duration of testing, further research is needed to ensure sufficient validity.

“BSAG’s Commitment concept is a good tool for Ekonia to contribute value to the Baltic Sea work and simultaneously promote Ekonia’s service and product range and measurement technology among key stakeholders”, says Juho Iso-Kuusela, Product Manager at Ekonia Oy.

Although the company’s Baltic Sea Commitment is finished, informal cooperation continues. In addition, drafting a new Commitment has already begun.

“Cooperation between Ekonia and BSAG has been seamless. BSAG’s cooperation with companies providing measurement solutions is essential when advancing the  new solutions related to waterbodies and agriculture”, says Nicholas Wardi, Project Manager at BSAG.

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