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The eQ Blue Planet fund annually provides significant support to BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea

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The eQ Blue Planet Fund’s BSAG series offers investors the opportunity to invest globally with the theme of sustainable development and participate in saving the Baltic Sea and combating climate change. Through the fund, eQ supports the Baltic Sea Action Group’s work with more than 150,000 euros annually.

Photo: Jaakko Ruola

Responsibility increasingly influences the investment decisions of Finns. The trend of responsible investing has been accelerated not only by the increased interest of investors but also by the EU’s Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth, which aims to direct the European financial markets to support the goals of sustainable development better.

The collaboration between eQ Asset Management and the Baltic Sea Action Group, which started in 2018, allows investors to improve the state of the environment and the Baltic Sea with their investment. eQ Blue Planet is an equity fund whose investments are mainly made in pioneer companies implementing sustainable development in the technology sector and the industrial and consumer goods industry.

Regenerative agriculture, the green transition in energy economics, and supply chains for sustainable consumption are all strongly represented in the eQ Blue Planet fund. The fund also invests in technology for a smarter and more sustainable planet. The goals of the eQ Blue Planet Fund and BSAG align, as both aim to move the world in a more environmentally friendly direction.

“Out of all the funds in eQ’s broad range, eQ Blue Planet is an ideal fit for BSAG’s corporate collaboration,” says Mikko Koskimies, Managing Director of eQ Plc and eQ Asset Management Ltd.

Mikko Koskimies, Managing Director of eQ Plc and Managing Director of BSAG, Laura Höijer wish you merry Christmas.

At the heart of responsible fund investing

eQ Blue Planet Fund’s BSAG series makes makes it easy to support the Baltic Sea and climate work while investing. By investing in the BSAG series, the investor pays 0.25% more than the fund’s normal management fee of 1.50% annually. This extra 0.25% goes directly to The Baltic Sea Action Group. eQ boosts the amount by awarding 85% of management fees to the same cause which increases investor support sixfold. A 10,000 euro investment in the BSAG series bears a 25 euro increase in total costs but supports BSAG by 150 euros annually.

“Together with our customers, we will pay BSAG more than 150,000 euros this year. Every one of our customers can be proud of this”, says Mikko Koskimies.

 “The support of eQ and Blue Planet investors forms a significant part of BSAG’s fundraising. Thanks to the annual support, we can continue our daily work for the benefit of the Baltic Sea and our blue planet. We improve the state of the Baltic Sea and the environment by solving the problems’ root causes”, says Managing Director of BSAG, Laura Höijer.

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