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The European Space Agency (ESA): Call for User Ideas on Critical Infrastructure

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting public and commercial end-user organisations to propose ideas and suggestions for new services that increase the resilience of critical infrastructure (e.g. networks handling water, energy, transport, communication or data).
 Loss or damage of critical infrastructure would have a severe and widespread impact, e.g. disruption of supplies or services, injury or loss of human lives, or destruction of the environment.
Critical infrastructures are most often man-made, such as power plants or transport networks. Yet they can also be natural. For example, wetlands are a natural infrastructure that store water and thereby mitigate floods.
The call for ideas is open until 22 June 2012. More details of the ESA call can be found in the link below:
As a member of ESA’s IAP (Integrated Applications Promotion) network, BSAG supports ESA by interfacing with users and providers of prospective new satellite services related to environment, safety and transport in the Baltic Sea region.
For further information please contact Antti Jokinen, Senior Adviser, Maritime activities,   +358 40 552 9658, antti.jokinen(at)​

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