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Food Chain of the Future -event 10.2.2015

BSAG organizes together with NUTS -project (NUTS – Transition towards Sustainable Nutrient Economy in Finland) the Food Chain of the Future -event 10.2 at 10 -14, in Musiikkitalo in Helsinki.​

Food production in Finland an​d in the whole of EU is highly dependent on imported resources: energy and nutrients. Now a lion’s share of valuable nutrients is wasted different stages of food production, in the worst cases causing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.
Recycling of nutrients is essential for the world’s food production as well as for the well-being of humans and the Baltic Sea. At our event we will get acquainted with the opportunities in nutrient cycling and the  future innovations required and hear about the results of the NUTS project.
We also celebrate the first five years of the Baltic Sea Action Summit process and take a look at how Finland’s to strive to  Commitment to become a model country in nutrient cycling, is proceeds.

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