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Hankkija makes a Baltic Sea commitment: product development and building new collaboration

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What does it take to bring regeneratively produced food from farm to fork? First of all, new collaboration within the food chain. One of the key players in Finland is Hankkija, a nationwide store and service chain for agriculture-related products, machinery, hardware, and gardening.


In its freshly published Baltic Sea Commitment, Hankkija promotes regenerative agriculture by smart farming tools, and by offering education to its personnel and clients. Hankkija plans to collaborate with other food chain companies to develop new products like regenerative fodder mixes and solutions for nutrient recycling in circular economy. Within its commitment, Hankkija joins Carbon Action platform.

“In our own product and service development, we have found great modern technology solutions, which have a clear effect on agricultural production’s environmental efficiency. Carbon Action collaboration enables us to bring out our expertise even better than before to help us all in achieving common goals. We are excited to start collaborating for the Baltic Sea and environment together with new and present partners,” says Hankkija’s Sustainability Coordinator Lumi Parviainen.

“We are especially happy for Hankkija’s readiness to dive into product development in collaboration with other companies on Carbon Action platform. Also, Hankkija’s skills in smart farming and measuring technology is a big opportunity to strengthen regenerative farming,” says BSAG’s Senior Expert Michaela Ramm-Schmidt.

Photo: Hankkija Oy

In its extensive commitment, Hankkija focuses on promoting soil health measurements and principles of regenerative farming as well as minimizing environmental load. In addition, Hankkija develops its product and service range to support even more extensive soil data usage in farming.


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