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Joint statement urging Finland towards sustainable and effective use of biomasses

Large amounts of biomass, especially manure, are produced in Finland annually. Biomasses are rich in nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen. These valuable nutrients should be separated from the biomass and recycled, instead of letting them wash into waterways where they cause eutrophication. Biomasses can be turned into biogas, and their nutrients utilised as raw material for fertilizers.

Nutrient cycling has been one of the Finnish government’s key projects. Progress has been made, and new innovations and businesses have been developed. However, decision-making processes do not adequately take into account the regional differences in the amounts and types of biomasses produced. As a result, Finnish biomasses still contain a lot of unused potential.

Baltic Sea Action Group, together with Finnish Biogas Association and Finnish Association for Biological Waste Treatment, has written a joint statement concerning the sustainable and efficient use of nutrient-rich biomasses. The goal is to get regional differences in biomass accumulation addressed in the upcoming government programme. Cooperation between decision-makers and officials from different sectors should also be increased.

”Manure and other nutrient-rich biomasses are not waste, but valuable raw materials. Economically viable nowaste-solutions have already been developed and put to use in other countries, processing manure into energy and fertilizers. This can also be achieved in Finland with methodical planning, proper decision-making and concrete action”, says BSAG’s Project Director Riku Venhola.

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