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K-Group’s first Baltic Sea Commitment is by K-maatalous Experimental Farm

K-maatalous and the K-maatalous Experimental farm have made a Commitment to BSAG. K-Group’s first Commitment concentrates on developing soil condition, nutrient usage and measurement practices. First concrete steps are taken at the K-maatalous Experimental farm this summer, where new measurement technology for practical farming is tested. The Commitment supports K-Group’s responsibility work, of which key priorities are climate change mitigation, sustainable use of natural resources and the promotion of circular economy.

K-maatalous Experimental Farm’s Commitment focuses on the development of soil growing conditions, improved nutrient use and recycling on the farm level. The underlying idea is that the actions will benefit farmers with better yields levels and as well the water bodies by avoiding the nutrient flows.

K-maatalous Experimental Farm has developed Finnish agriculture since 1963. The Experimental Farm’s research and experimentation actions aim at providing information and finding effective solutions for farming in practice.

The Commitment is a natural part of K-Group’s responsibility work

Responsibility is a strategic choice for K-Group and a part of everyday work. K-Group is the most sustainable trading sector company in the world on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list. The key priorities of K-Group’s responsibility program are climate change mitigation, sustainable use of natural resources and the promotion of circular economy. As part of K-Group’s responsibility work the K-maatalous Experimental Farm is committed to promote sustainable farming practices.

The tests at the Hauho Experimental Farm start now

This summer, the experimental farm tests measuring technology for soil nutrients. The measurement technology is imported by Finnish measurement company Ekonia. Based on the experience and knowledge gained from the experimental use of measuring devices, K-maatalous Experimental Farm determines the compatibility of the devices for farming. K-maatalous helps its customers in developing their farming practices and provides them tested and proven cultivation methods.

One of the goals of the Commitment is to improve the measurement opportunities in agriculture, in order to be able to increase yields and optimize use of nutrients to meet the requirements of modern varieties. The Experimental Farm also explores how the measuring could become a tool for daily practical farming.

Good soil condition and appropriate fertilization are both important profitability factors for farmers but also reduce the nutrient leakages to the Baltic Sea. Properly treated soil also sequesters carbon to soil and thus fights the climate change.

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