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Kymen vesi analyses ship generated waste waters — first commitment to BSAG’s Ship Waste Action

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There are approximately 2,000 cargo ships operating in the Baltic Sea every moment. Approximately 25,000 seafarers sail on the ships. It is legal to discharge greywater, and sewage into the Baltic Sea. What is the amount of nutrients in the waste waters ending up to the Baltic Sea? How efficient are the ships’ on-board sewage treatment plants? How do the wastewater characteristics affect potential to utilise it in circular economy? To find answers, Kymen Vesi contributes to BSAG’s Ship Waste Action by analysing cargo ships’ waste waters.

Within its Baltic Sea Commitment, Kymen Vesi collects samples, analyses results and reports on the quality and parameters of ship generated waste waters discharged in the Port of HaminaKotka. This way, water utilities company increases information on the potential for recovery of effluents. Furthermore, Kymen Vesi receives and treats ship generated waste waters, which can then be used as feedstock in biogas production. Also, when a luxury cruiser with exceptional amount of wastewater arrives in the port, Kymen Vesi plays an important role.

“Environmental responsibility is an important value for us in Kymen Vesi. In our own processes, we are continuously looking for new, concrete actions. Ship Waste Action is an example of an initiative, where we can externally contribute to an important act. We feel, that also indirectly, we can work to achieve our strategic goals, one of which is cleaner Baltic Sea for us all,” says Kymen Vesi’s wastewater plant’s manager Emmi-Maria Ukko.

Kymen Vesi’s voluntary efforts in analysing wastewaters is of great importance, because there’s very little information about cargo ship’s wastewater characteristics available. Implementing the Baltic Sea Action Plan requires knowledge on both sewage and grey waters, as well as finding out how they affect the environment. Ship Waste Action and Kymen Vesi’s commitment give us a great opportunity to acquire needed knowledge,” rejoices Elisa Mikkolainen, BSAG’s project leader.

Ship Waste Action is an initiative where cargo ships’s sewage is turned into biogas. Kymen Vesi is a water utilities company owned by municipalities of Kotka, Kouvola and Pyhtää. Parties contributing to Ship Waste Action at the moment are the Port of HaminaKotka, energy company Gasum, logistics company Autoyhtymä Vuorinen, shipping companies Meriaura and RABN, Essberger & Stolt Tankers, Utkilen and Maersk, shipbrokers C&C Port Agency, Dahlberg’s Agency and GAC Finland. Currently, Ship Waste Action is proceeding to other Finnish ports too. Warm welcome to all new co-operators.

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