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New Report: 145 Commitments completed

A new analysis on the progress of the Commitments has been published. BSAG is in contact with the Commitment makers and follows on a regular basis how Commitments progress. The new report focuses on the overview of all Commitments made by the end of 2014.

A total 268 Commitments have been collected since 2009, excluding the Commitments by all Baltic Sea Countries. By the end of 2014, 145 Commitments have been completed. At the moment, there are 101 active and ongoing Commitments. Twenty two Commitments have not been actualized because e.g. problems with funding or finding suitable partners.

Nutrient cycling, which has been emphasized by BSAG during past couple of years, can be noted as a growing theme in the new Commitments. Many new Commitments deal with sustainable nutrient management and nutrient recycling. The goal is to reduce nutrient leaks to the Baltic Sea and recycle the nutrients which would be harmful to water bodies back to proper use.

Commitments have been made by private, public and third sector actors as well as individuals. The private sector represents the largest number of Commitments but also e.g. schools, research facilities and foundations have made Commitments. BSAG has also facilitated two Baltic Sea Summits which has led to Commitments from 11 Baltic Sea States.

Take a look at the Commitment report published on 10.2.2015.

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