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Origin by Ocean makes Baltic Sea Commitment

News Marine Environment Protection

The vision is to create a sustainable business ecosystem in the Baltic Sea. By doing this we create a new economic model that fights the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea in a commercially viable manner.

The Commitment of Origin by Ocean is focusing on macro algae marine cultivation and harvesting of blue green algae (Cyanobacteria). Algae cultivation and collection can remove surplus nutrients from the Baltic Sea. In addition, as a Baltic Sea key species, cultivation of bladder wrack holds potential to increase biodiversity in marine areas that are currently in poor condition.

Firstly, Origin by ocean is always committed to considering the environmental needs of the Baltic Sea (e.g. in terms of marine biodiversity) in their business. Origin by Ocean is committed to planning the bladder wrack cultivation practices in a manner that benefits the Baltic Sea and biodiversity. Regenerative agricultural practices are very topical, and the long term plan is to create regenerative cultivation practices also for marine environment. Cultivation process is planned together with scientists and it will also converse with the BSAG’s Baltic Sea Action for Biodiversity project

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