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Blog: Our reputation survey among companies shows strong trust towards BSAG


We recently conducted a survey among companies and our employees about our reputation in the corporate arena. Thanks to all participants!

Overall, companies’ trust towards BSAG is very high. The average score among all company respondents is 4.2 at a scale of 1-5. Those who know us well or very well rate our actions even higher (average 4.4).

Particularly the high impact, quality, innovativeness and societal value in our work is appreciated. This is very important for us as seeking true and systemic change is in the core of our philosophy and our passion. Those who know us better also consider us to be highly capable of working as a strategic partner for business.


I believe that BSAG’s close cooperation with our corporate partners and our constructive approach largely explain the good results. Also, bringing the commitment concept to Finland has been important for BSAG. The Baltic Sea Commitments have indeed been an important tool to implement impactful improvements in business and reach consumers with our important message.

Corporate respondents also consider BSAG as a highly reliable and ethical actor. It is great to see that the strong integrity that we have built into our actions is recognised. We are very mindful not to sacrifice our values for the wrong causes.

Work remains

The survey demonstrates that there is more work to do, though. BSAG and our actions for the Baltic Sea is not yet sufficiently known among companies. Only 35% of respondents know BSAG “well” or “very well”. One open response says aptly that “higher awareness could support your corporate work as your agenda is really important to all of us”. This encourages us to work even harder on actively communicating about what we do and what we accomplish.

The survey also tells us that we could be even stronger visionaries and show leadership clearer than before. We will put this on our agenda too now.

What do our employees think?

We are very happy to hear that our employees appreciate our foundation so highly. The average score given by employees is as high as 4.5. Particularly general appreciation and trust is strong, and employees are proud of their work and its impact. Understandably, financial considerations receive lower scores as we are so dependent on unpredictable donations and project financing.

With this encouraging feedback from the survey we enthusiastically continue our work for the Baltic Sea.

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt
Director, Corporate Relations

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