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President Niinistö encouraged organizations to act for the Baltic Sea in BSAG Base Camp Helsinki 2012

Some 50 businesses and organizations took part in Base Camp Helsinki 2012 event 14.5. to look for links between their core competences and solving the problems of the Baltic Sea.

The welcome words by Ilkka Herlin, the chairman of the board of BSAG were followed by President Niinistö, the keynote speaker of the event. President Niinistö emphasized that the insight of the Baltic Sea Action Summit process is changing the perspective. Instead of seeing the saving of the Baltic Sea as a heavy obligation, it is seen as a business opportunity. President Niinistö also noted that the states always have to do their share but the process is accelerated and boosted when private businesses, NGO’s and even private people join the work.
The morning of inspiration and information was followed by workshop that allowed each participant to dive deeper in the Baltic Sea issues. The workshop focused on the processes that can help hasten the saving of the sea. The workshop bore fruit as several possible commitment ideas were developed. The prise of the best commitment idea was given to Nordkalk’s FOSTOP-concept, which cuts the run offs from agriculture even by half. The commitment from Nordkalk is now being perfected, and is likely to be published in near future.
BSAG Base Camp Helsinki 2012 event was jointly organized by Dazzle Oy, Kausaali Oy, Finnish Business & Society (FiBS) and the governing body of Suomenlinna, all commitment makers for to benefit the Baltic Sea.
The speech by President Sauli Niinistö (in Finnish) here.
For more information Johanna Konttila, Communications Director, BSAG, +358 40 352 8899

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