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Sinebrychoff takes on new Baltic Sea Commitment continuing co-operation with BSAG

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Sinebrychoff takes on its second Baltic Sea Commitment. Over the years 2020–2022, the beverage company joins BSAG’s Carbon Action platform and will work with questions relating to carbon throughout the value chain. In addition to committing to improving its own activities, Sinebrychoff will work with its suppliers to make the production of malting barley more sustainable.

Sinebrychoff strives towards brewing a Christmas beer produced using carbon sequestering farming methods, which sets the course for the primary production of malting barley. Sinebrychoff and BSAG have previously worked alongside Viking Malt to promote sustainable nutrient management in primary production. The new commitment represents important steps forward on the same path. In addition to ensuring a sustainable use of nutrients and preventing nutrient leaching, the producers of the Christmas beer will focus of nurturing the soil and farm using methods that capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. Producing a Christmas beer using carbon farming practices is a step in the long-term process of making the production of malting barley sustainable. Sinebrychoff’s goal is to eventually ensure sustainability throughout its production chain.

Sinebrychoff’s Baltic Sea Commitment also includes steps to making the brewery operations more environmentally sustainable. The company commits to reducing its carbon emissions and its use of water and plastic. Staff at each part of the value chain play an essential role in implementing the Commitment. Therefore, a major focus will be put on training staff and providing information regarding BSAG and the Carbon Action platform in particular. Sinebrychoff will also provide its parent company Carlsberg and its key staff members with information on carbon farming and the Carbon Action platform.

Sinebrychoff joins the Carbon Action business network which enables it to co-operate with other businesses in the food industry and develop its own operations in regard to carbon farming. The Carbon Action platform, its activities and carbon farming will also feature in Sinebrychoff’s communication with stakeholders.

“We’re very excited about the new commitment. The co-operation is deeper and more holistic and features a strong focus on primary production and advances the Carbon Action platform, which provides an excellent basis to continue our collaboration” says Nicholas Wardi, Project Manager at BSAG.
“We will continue to reduce the brewery’s carbon footprint so that by 2030 we are a carbon-free brewery. For water use, our goal is to achieve a 70,000 m3 decrease from the 2019 level by 2022. Other parts of the commitment are largely related to the implementation of a new way of thinking i.e. promoting Carbon Action and sustainable agriculture,” says Marja-Liisa Weckström, Head of Communications and Responsibility at Sinebrychoff.

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