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Sustainable, brewed beer: Sinebrychoff’s first Baltic Sea Commitment is complete

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Sinebrychoff’s first Baltic Sea Commitment focused on decreasing the environmental impact of its brewery operations and developing the farming practices of the primary producers of malting barley through an auditing system.

Sinebrychoff developed an auditing system in co-operation with Viking Malt, enabling farmers and suppliers to take their farming practices in a more sustainable direction. Through the auditing Sinebrychoff sought to improve water management, decrease nutrient leaching and consequently improve soil fertility.

As part of its Commitment which started in 2015, Sinebrychoff has during the past four years produced its traditional Christmas beer using Baltic Sea friendly farming practices. The malting barley used in the production of the Christmas beer is produced by one of Viking Malt’s farmers which enables the tracking of the barley from farm to bottle. The 2019 KOFF Christmas beer came from Finskas Farm in Iitti, located in the Kymenlaakso region. BSAG assessed the farm’s environmental performance and the auditing carried out by Viking Malt.
During the period of the Commitment Sinebrychoff has further optimized its use of water at the Kerava production plant. In addition, Sinebrychoff has been able to reduce the brewery’s carbon dioxide emissions significantly over the last five years, through heat recovery. In 2014, Sinebrychoff began using the Eco2Brew carbon dioxide recovery plant which captures and cleanses carbon dioxide from the beer brewing process, for it to be used in all carbonated drinks produced by the company.
In addition to substantially improving its production activities Sinebrychoff has supported BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea with an annual donation of 15 000 euros.

“Actors such as Sinebrychoff are an integral part of BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea. Businesses in agriculture and food production have an excellent opportunity to affect the state of the Baltic Sea and the climate. We’re very pleased with our co-operation with Sinebrychoff” says Nicholas Wardi, Project Manager at BSAG.

”For us, making a commitment for BSAG has been part of our environmental work. Commitment commits us to action, but above all it motivates us. Clean water is vital for us, and Finland’s image is largely defined by the Baltic Sea. For our part, we want to continue to promote the well-being of the Baltic Sea, ”says Marja-Liisa Weckström, Director of Communications and Responsibility at Sinebrychoff.

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