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From Tallinn to Helsinki by swimming on July 1st 2013

Members of EuroRSA-European Rescue Swimmers Association will swim across the Baltic Sea from Tallinn to Helsinki as a relay swim starting on July 1st 2013. The goal of the deed is to draw attention to the critical state of the Baltic Sea and to raise funds for BSAG’s work to save the Sea. The task of swimming 100 km in the open sea is expected to take some 40 hours.
The helicopter crew and the rescue swimmers can see the state of the sea first hand and therefore can easily understand why it is important to act now for the Baltic Sea. The Finnish rescue swimmers also regularly help the Finnish Environmental Institute and researchers by taking pictures and samples. They are also the ones checking on the reported oil spills in the sea. For many rescue swimmers the sea is also important on their leisure time, so when EuroRSA introduced  the idea to draw attention to the dire state of the Baltic Sea, it was easy to find enthusiastic swimmers to attend.
EuroRSA is an European association for helicopter rescue swimmers. The association already has members from 17 different countries. The main idea is to develop communications between nations to share information on all issues related to helicopter rescue. The brave swimming team consists of helicopter rescue swimmers from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Australia.
For more information contact:
Sami Ollila, EuroRSA ry, +358 50 522 0830,
Pieta Jarva, Communication Officer, Baltic Sea Action Group, +358 50 338 1096,
Samuli Tarvainen, Fundraising Officer, Baltic Sea Action Group, +358 40 772 2570
How Can I Help to Save the Baltic Sea?
By making a donation you will ensure our efforts for the Baltic Sea. BSAG acts to solve problems of the Baltic Sea, such as eutrophication, hazardous substances, and risks related to maritime activity.
Donate monthly
 By becoming a monthly donor, you support the work of the Baltic Sea Action Group for a cleaner and healthier Baltic Sea.
Even a small donation can make a big difference with our unique working method. You can support BSAG in our work and make a donation for the Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea (better known as Baltic Sea Action Group).
Donate once
Fill out the required information and proceed to Suomen Verkkomaksut service (in Finnish)
Make a donation as a bank account transfer to the Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea’s fundraising account:
IBAN: FI20 6601 0001 0935 66
MESSAGE: “Donation Save the Baltic Sea Swim”​

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