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TAUKO’s commitment to the Baltic Sea improves the sustainability in fashion

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The Finnish fashion brand TAUKO’s commitment to the Baltic Sea, increases the sustainability of dyeing and the recyclability of textiles.

TAUKO design uses hotel, restaurant and healthcare waste textiles as materials for its products, which itself radically reduces the environmental footprint of the final product. The Baltic Sea Commitment is in particular aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the TAUKO process. Hazardous substances are one of the major problems in the Baltic Sea and have a direct impact on, inter alia, underwater biodiversity.

TAUKO’s three-year commitment consists of three parts.

Textile dyeing: TAUKO commits to investigate the environmental impact of dyeing processes used in the production through public reporting during 2020. The necessary improvements and introduction of replacement processes will be done by the end of 2022.

Textile recyclability: TAUKO is committed to implementing a recycling program for the recycling of textile waste and consumer textiles (used TAUKO clothing) by 2021.

Communication: TAUKO is committed to communicating to consumers about a more sustainable textile industry and its role in marine biodiversity and the state of the Baltic Sea, and how consumers can reduce the environmental burden of the textile industry through their choices.

TAUKO design also donates the profits of the TAUKO x Gullkrona collection, as well as part of the profits from its Christmas campaign, to the Baltic Sea Action Group’s work for the Baltic Sea.


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