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With its Baltic Sea commitment, Apetit now covers water bodies as well as fields. The revised commitment includes the use of local domestic fish in Apetit’s products. This autumn, the company launched a new product, Baltic Sea fish fingers, which are made of domestic Baltic herring. The product category also includes fish fingers, patties and balls made of local lake fish.

“In our product development, we pay special attention to fish choices that support the ecological balance and reduction of the nutrient load in water bodies. At the same time, we make it possible for consumers to choose from a wide range of sustainable fish,” says Sanna Väisänen Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability.

Using local fish is ecological because it benefits the water bodies that suffer from eutrophication. Eutrophication means an overgrowth of aquatic plants and alga, and it is caused by the overload of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. As a result, the water body suffers from poor water transparency, oxygen depletion and loss of biodiversity.

”We are very happy, that Apetit has chosen the Baltic Sea domestic fish as an ingredient for its familiar everyday food products. We hope that local fish now gets the recognition and appreciation it deserves”, says Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, CEO of BSAG.

Apetit has also been involved in Carbon Action since 2019. Research projects promoting soil fertility and carbon farming are being carried out at Apetit’s experimental farm Räpi.

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