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The Carbon Action company platform has started its work


We are happy to see that Carbon Action has raised a lot of interest among companies too and we already have four great partners on our platform. Welcome Altia, Apetit, S-Group and Valio!

Business has a crucial gate keeper role in the Carbon Action. As with the other core actors in the project, without the participation of companies we could not reach our ambitious goals. Carbon Action addresses such challenges that no one could solve them alone. Indeed, the project functions based on multi-stakeholder collaboration where one plus one is more than two.

Companies are particularly well equipped to accelerate the targeted changes and communicate to consumers. Also, Carbon Action increases knowledge about a sustainable food chain whereby the quality of the whole chain is strengthened, and the end customer receives better products. In addition, researchers need companies’ help and wide expertise to be able to produce implementable science.

What can companies concretely do in the Carbon Action? For example, principles on carbon farming can be integrated into purchase criteria or contract farmers and employees can be trained. Also, products can be modified into being more sustainable and carbon farming can be used in consumer communications. Of course, donations are always welcome too as the project continuously grows and requires further resources.

In other words, a company can speed up carbon farming, enhance biodiversity and reduce nutrient emissions into the Baltic Sea in many ways.

We welcome new companies to our platform and we are happy to tell you more!  

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt
Director, Corporate Relations
040 525 0509

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