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The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation enables EU market for recycled nutrients products

The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FRP) is published. This will open the European market for recycled fertilisers, for recycling technologies, and for other organic and organo-mineral fertilisers.

Nutrient recycling is an important part of circular economy and linked to the Baltic Sea in several ways:  when the nutrients stay in sustainable use, they will not leak to the water ways, recycled organic fertilisers also improve soil health and carbon storage, which keep nutrients in the plant use and mitigate climate change.

Baltic Sea Action Group has actively promoted sustainable and safe nutrient recycling since 2013 and according to many played a pivotal part in getting nutrients included to the EU circular economy strategy, of which the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation is a part.

The JRC report proposing criteria for new materials to be included to the regulation, such as biochars/pyrolysis materials, struvite/recovered phosphate salts, ash-based products, is also in process.

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