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Two top experts chosen to head BSAG!

Johan Schmidt and Laura Höijer have been selected as successors for BSAG’s Secretary General Mathias Bergman. The search began in March and provided approximately 40 high-profile applications. After long deliberation the foundation’s board made an unconventional decision by choosing two applicants with complementary expertise.

”It’s unusual to choose two applicants instead of one, but BSAG has never been afraid to do things differently when needed. Saving the Baltic Sea is an ambitious goal and we have no time to waste. This is also why it was sensible to hire two top experts. The applications also proved that the Baltic Sea is important and BSAG’s work to save it is seen as valuable”, says the chair of the board Saara Kankaanrinta.

Johan Schmidt has previously led the unit for business development in Nokia, worked as a CEO for a large firm of solicitors, and written two novels. He starts as BSAG’s managing director on the 1st of August. Laura Höijer (Ph.D.) is a docent in microbe ecology, and acts as research director in Ministry of the Environment. She will be on a leave of absence from the Ministry for the next two years, and starts as BSAG’s content manager on the 1st of October.

”It’s great that we found two such skilled professionals to lead the foundation. I’m glad to retire knowing that the foundation will be left in safe and competent hands”, says Mathias Bergman.

Laura Höijer and Johan Schmidt were chosen to head BSAG.

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