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Upcoming Järki Fertilizer project finds out development needs in use of recycled fertilizers

Järki project’s work with nutrients continues in August with new Järki-Fertilizer project.
In Järki-Fertilizer project information about recycled fertilizers is searched and passed on both nationally and internationally. The aim of the project is to survey production, marketing and regulation of recycled fertilizers, and find out development needs. Also an important part of the project is to produce teaching material about manure and recycled fertilizers for farmer events and agricultural education.

“Opinions of experts and development suggestions based on practical experience supplement existing knowledge and thus help the whole development work within this field “, tells Kaisa Riiko, the project coordinator of Järki-Fertilizer.

Järki-Fertilizer is funded by the Ministry of the Environment from its programme to promote nutrient recycling and improve the ecological status of the Archipelago Sea. The project starts in August and continues till November 2017.​

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