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Viking Malt commits to reduce nutrient emissions from its malting barley cultivation

Viking Malt is a progressive grain processing company supplying malt and services to breweries and distilleries in Baltic Rim area and to the world market. Viking Malt produces malt in modern malt houses in Finland, Lithuania and Sweden.
Viking Malt has made a Commitment to act for reducing the nutrient leakages to the Baltic Sea from the barley cultivation. This is done through strengthening the current supplier audit system to help farmers to follow sustainable growing programs for malting barley, developing new malting barley varieties. Viking Malt will also support cultivation of Winter Malting Barley. In addition Viking Malt commits to improve its water and energy efficiency in the malting process.
Local production of malting barley is important for Viking Malt and breweries. One part of the commitment is to encourage producers to cultivate malting barley in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic states. This will secure responsible cultivation of high quality malting barley and reduce need of raw material transport.
“Viking Malt is active in a number of countries around Baltic Sea with production of malt and sourcing of malting barley. Therefore we have a possibility to influence widely in sound farming practices. We felt that it was our duty to act”, says Antti Orkola, MD for Viking Malt.  “Some of our customers and also consumers require nowadays sustainable behavior from industry. With this commitment we want to make our actions visible“.
​The Commitment is expected to last three years with an option to continue thereafter.​

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