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Worlds leading Business travel Management Company CWT makes their second Commitment for BSAG

In their Commitment CWT has committed to create a travel fund for the Baltic Sea trough which CWT customer companies can neutralize their work related travel Co2 emissions. The neutralization happens by donating a defined amount of money per Co2/ ton trough Baltic Sea Travel Fund to BSAG’s Baltic Sea work.

In CWT’s first Baltic Sea Commitment they encouraged their customer companies to forgo paper billing by donating one euro per paper bill to BSAG. The number of paper invoices has decreased sharply in recent years, which is why the new Commitment is a natural continuum from the old.

Because of CWT’s new Commitment their customer companies can easily determine the value of their Co2 emissions and trough the Baltic Sea Travel Fund donate it to BSAG. CWT Nordics raises awareness of possibilities to neutralize negative impacts resulted from corporate travel through targeted campaigns. CWT Nordics will also raise awareness of the Baltic Sea environmental status e.g in fairs and events that it participates in. The objective of CWT’s Commitment is to raise awareness that mobility of people creates emissions and discharges that harm the Baltic Sea and its coastal areas. ​

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